‘Twas the Night Before Coolsculpting…

I was SO excited after my consultation in NYC. My consultant RN said I’m a candidate. She pulled my belly fat back while I faced the mirror to show me what I would look like (OH HAYYY GURRL). She said I could watch Netflix or nap during the procedure and that I could do yoga after if I wanted (little did she know I hate yoga). She said some people go for a jog the next day; there is SO little pain. She totally sold me. I’m having 3 large panel sections done on my tummy and then two small ones on my lovehandles. Then I’m having two small ones on my upper back/bra fat.

But I have to admit, I’m really, really, really nervous. I could barely sleep last night thinking about this upcoming procedure. Why? Ugh, lots of reasons: What if I didn’t do enough research? What if I have some crazy side affect? What if this gives me cancer in 30 years? What if it hurts a lot? Will people at work notice I’m swollen after?

Last night, I went into a black hole on realself.com posts tagged with Coolsculpting (which is pretty much a 50-50 mix of patients who are in excruciating pain / swelling and then Coolsculpting doctors with seemingly fake positive answers to panicked questions to try to calm readers and patients down that “this is all normal.”). It is so easy to get freaked out, but I keep telling myself that people are more likely to complain online than to go online and talk about how GREAT everything is….right? And I keep telling myself: this is why Khloe Kardashian looks so good. You can do this.

Wish me luck.